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Rising Tide Aerial Systems

Rising Tide Aerial Systems is a team of experienced Unmanned Professionals. With a strong emphasis on safety, value, and excitement we strive to be the Go-To name for Unmanned Aerial Services in the South East. Our operators have experience in multiple systems, both Defense and Commercial UAS’s. All our operators are Military Veterans, where safety is ingrained into us from training. We train to the highest company and industrial standards, and strictly follow a safe SOP (Standard Operating Procedure.) Fully ensured, professional, and excited to provide you with the highest service possible.

Our Services

Exploring The Newest Technologies

Photography is where we began. We have an extensive portfolio of aerial media, both photo and video. Contact us today for any aerial media you need!

We continue to push the boundaries for Aerial data collection. We have experience with collecting LIDAR, photogrammetry, thermal, and many other types of data from SUAS (drones.) Reach out to us with any data you might need collected!

No other Unmanned Services provider can give you both pilot services, and train you how to pilot your own systems, at such a great value. We are trained professionals with hundreds of operators trained, and 1000's of training hours under our belts.

Our Team

FAA Part 107 Certificate Holders

Remote Pilot/ Standards

Chief Remote Pilot/Founder

Remote Pilot/ Safety

Ginger Guess


Ginger Guess is the primary standards officer for our team. She's a former Air Traffic Controller and a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Her detailed approach to regulations and love of all things flying makes her a valuable part of the team. Her prior experience controlling makes coordination in congested airspace a breeze. Contact Ginger for info on the legalities of our operations and flights. 

Matt Guess


Matt Guess is the founder and Chief Pilot of RTAS. He is a former Infantryman, and a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Master Trainer qualified with Army SUAS systems (Raven, Puma, Switchblade) his expertise and leadership in SUAS pushes the team to higher standards, and demands, motivates, and facilitates innovations in the use of our systems. Contact Matt for any questions pertaining to our technologies, and general questions about RTAS. 

Joe Cayse


Joe is the primary Safety Officer of RTUS. Joe is a former radio tech, and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.He's also the creative mind behind many of the most famous videos of Huntsville, AL you will find. Joe's strict adherence to safe flights, and legal practices ensures the team is always in adherence with all local, Federal, and tribal laws. Contact Joe today for all of your safety questions

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